Temperatures are dropping! Are you caught up with summer and ready for the changing weather? 

Here at CBI, we work to protect water resources every day through backflow testing, repair, installation and emergencies. Our attention to detail, commitment to professionalism, industry-leading expertise and dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sets us apart from the average backflow testing company. Chicago Backflow, Inc. began its journey as a family-owned business and remains so to this day. Continue reading to learn some of our helpful fall plumbing tips.

Prep your Property for the Colder Temperatures! 

As summer is nearing its end, kids are now back in school, and days are getting shorter. Here at CBI, we are unwinding from all the summer fun and busy irrigation season and look forward to the changing leaves, football games, and sweater weather! It is time to start focusing on your property’s seasonal maintenance. To learn more about how cross-connections are protected and preventing backflow incidents from occurring, click here!

1. Disconnect your Outdoor Water Hoses

Leaving your garden or outdoor hoses connected to the faucet during cold temperatures can cause water inside to freeze and expand. This expansion will cause connected pipes inside your home to freeze and burst! To prevent an unwanted plumbing disaster, simply unscrew and detach your water hoses. Make certain to drain these of any remaining water, and always store your hoses in a dry area.  

2. Insulate Pipes

Your property may contain pipes housed in areas with no heat access, such as a crawl space, garage, or basement. It is imperative to make certain these non-heated pipes are insulated. Protecting your pipes with insulation will ensure they will not freeze as fall turns into winter. 

3. Sealing Gaps

It is common for gaps to exist where pipes enter your home- between the walls and the pipes themselves. These gaps develop over time. Allowing cold air to enter, these gaps could have a major impact on your utility bill, and an even more expensive disaster as they cause pipes to freeze! Familiarize yourself with where pipes enter your home. Seal these gaps with caulk, insulation, or weather stripping.  

4. Flush your Water Heaters

With fall right around the corner, our water heaters will be working on over-drive! As the water heater will be working much harder to provide the same level of hot water, it is crucial to help your water heater run as efficiently as possible. By having the tank completely flushed, sediment buildup is removed. This buildup will block proper heat transfer. Do not forget to have your tank completely flushed! 

5. Maintain your Gutters

Fall is almost here, so leaves will be everywhere! The beautiful red, orange, and yellow nature will create scenic views, this includes in your gutters! Make sure to clean your gutters out on a regular basis. After fall, any gutter debris remaining can block water drainage- leading to considerable winter plumbing problems!  

CBI is here for you. Whether you need backflow testing, repair, emergency, or even installation help we have you covered. With on-time appointments with reliable professionals, we make sure your job is done right…. the first time! We also come to every appointment with a fully stocked truck, ensuring that your job, whatever it may be, is completed in one trip! If you are ready to schedule a test with us, click here . Otherwise, contact us to learn more about our services, pricing, or anything else you may need.