Backflow Testing Experts

On-time appointments with reliable professionals!

Our team is comprised of fully licensed inspectors who specialize solely in the meticulous testing, certification, and repair of backflow preventers. Unlike other providers, our commitment goes beyond the ordinary.

All-Inclusive Backflow Testing Program

You will experience a level of assurance that sets us apart. In addition to the standard annual testing and certification, we conduct thorough inspections of internal components, ensuring the optimal functionality of your backflow device. Additionally, any necessary repairs are included in our service at no additional cost to you.

But that is not all! For the next 12 months following our service, your backflow valve is under our protection. This means you can rest easy, knowing that any potential emergencies are covered, eliminating the need for costly return trips.

What to Expect During A Backflow Test

  • Our expert tester will promptly meet with your designated contact to provide a comprehensive briefing for the job at hand. Prior to commencement, we diligently conduct any necessary background or security checks as per your requirements.
  • Upon locating the backflow device, we ensure readiness with the appropriate forms for any agreed-upon tests. The backflow test initiation involves meticulous utilization of various tools and gauges to meticulously assess any pressure differentials within the backflow device.
  • In the majority of cases, the device functions flawlessly and passes the test without issue. However, should a failure occur, our seasoned testers adeptly address the situation by disassembling the device to remove any debris obstructing the valves. Over our years of experience, we’ve encountered an array of obstructions, from tennis balls to large rocks, promptly resolving such issues.
  • Equipped with a comprehensive inventory of spare parts, we are fully prepared to address any necessary repairs on-site. Subsequent to disassembly, resetting the tamper switch is undertaken as part of our meticulous process.
  • Before departing, we consistently ensure to brief the property owner on the completed tasks and any forthcoming visits.

Excellent Customer Experience

We understand annual backflow tests only happen once a year or the backflow emergency at 9pm after hours. During these times, you need professionalism, backflow expertise, fast, 24/7 service. Certainly, you need peace of mind. Choosing CBI ensures you get access the best backflow testers in the State of Illinois and Indiana, the device parts you need, and industry-leading customer service. Our inspectors only job is the testing and maintenance of backflow preventers, making them the best in the business. Our goal is to get in, get the job done, and get out…leaving you with more time and money to get on with your day.