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CBI Cares About Your Water

Chicago Backflow Inc. works to protect water resources every day, one backflow test, repair, and installation at a time. Our attention to detail, commitment to professionalism and our dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week sets us apart from the average backflow testing company.

We’ve Been Around Since The Beginning

Eisenhauer Plumbing was started by Ike Eisenhauer, back in 1972. At that time, backflows preventers did not yet exist and they were a small, family-owned plumbing business. In keeping up to date on the best practices and training available, his son Mike, took an interest in learning more about the new backflow technology that was being created.  He understood the importance of clean drinking water, and what it meant to the community.

When the Safe Drinking Water Act was federally mandated, the need for testing of backflow preventers  became more prevalent.  Mike was one of the first to adapt and dedicate his business to this expanding field. He was committed to applying his knowledge to train the best team available so that they could provide the utmost top tier service to their customers. Chicago Backflow, Inc.  began their journey as a family-owned business and remains so to this day.

Professional services. Certified backflow testers. See all that we can offer today.

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We Helped Write The Book On Backflow Prevention

With the very first backflow preventers in place, installed by Eisenhauer Plumbing, the mandated yearly testing became a vital part of the initiative. The initial committee for safe water and backflow prevention was formed in 1985 and was comprised of a team of five people. Being a part of that committee helped build the foundation for the small family-owned plumbing business that was Eisenhauer Plumbing to evolve into what CBI is today.

Professional Inspectors

When your backflow preventer is in need of cleaning, or not functioning properly, the plumber acting as a backflow inspector may not have the experience or knowledge to fix the problem, if he notices at all. This is not, and never will be the case with Chicago Backflow. Each and every time you schedule your backflow test and certification with CBI, know that your inspection will be completed by a fully licensed backflow inspector that ONLY tests, certifies, and repairs backflow preventers. Backflow testing is CBI’s specialty.

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