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Chicago Backflow, Inc. (CBI) works to protect water resources every day through backflow testing, repair, installation and emergencies. CBI’s attention to detail, commitment to professionalism, industry-leading expertise and dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…sets us apart from the average backflow testing company. Chicago Backflow, Inc. began its journey as a family-owned business and remains so to this day. YOU are part of the ever-expanding Illinois and Indiana backflow family.

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Professional Inspectors

Whether your backflow preventer needs cleaning, or is not functioning properly, the plumber acting as a backflow inspector may not have the experience or knowledge to fix the problem, if they even catch it at all! This is not, and never will be the case with Chicago Backflow. Each and every time you schedule your backflow test and certification with CBI, guaranteed your inspection will be completed by a fully licensed backflow inspector that ONLY tests, certifies, and repairs/installs backflow preventers. Backflow testing is CBI’s specialty.

Vito Tripoli
Vito TripoliSuperintendent
Mark Conoboy
Mark ConoboyForeman
Jack Chambers
Jack ChambersInspector
Ryan Harrison
Ryan HarrisonInspector
Pete Rodriguez
Pete RodriguezInspector
Alan Kindness
Alan KindnessInspector
James Kucala
James KucalaInspector
Edward Hayes
Edward HayesInspector
Jeffrey Witek
Jeffrey WitekInspector
Genaro Martinez
Genaro MartinezInspector
Matthew Krolak
Matthew KrolakInspector
Bob Riviera
Bob RivieraInspector

Knowledgeable Office Staff 

With over 50 years of combined experience in backflow and operations, our office staff is simply the best in the business! We field thousands of inquiries every year with expertise, professionalism, and a touch of humor thrown in for good measure. When you reach out to Chicago Backflow by phone or email, you’re connecting with someone who genuinely cares about resolving your backflow needs promptly and efficiently.


Michael Eisenhauer
Michael EisenhauerCo-founder
Doug Eisenhauer
Doug EisenhauerPresident
Natalie Smith
Natalie SmithCFO
Jessica Radtke
Jessica RadtkeVice President
Megan Demereckis
Megan DemereckisExecutive of Business Development
Joseph Scorzo
Joseph ScorzoCreative Director
Donna Hogel
Donna HogelCustomer Service Agent
Nicholas Smith
Nicholas SmithCustomer Service Agent
Tiffany Rodriguez
Tiffany RodriguezCustomer Service Agent
Marie Lewis
Marie LewisCustomer Service Agent
Jill Buczko
Jill BuczkoCustomer Service Agent
Bella Chavez
Bella ChavezCustomer Service Agent
Laura Nava
Laura Nava Accounting Clerk

CBI is not your typical run of the mill backflow testing company

With more than 50 years of experience under our belt, Chicago Backflow, Inc. began as a family-owned business and has stayed true to those roots. Today, we’re still family-operated. Our team comprises 12 licensed CCCDI inspectors who cover not only the greater Chicago metropolitan area but also extend our services to Northwest Indiana, reaching as far as the borders of Iowa and Wisconsin. We believe in growing together as a family and treating our team with respect—these principles are at the core of our company’s foundation and guide how we operate each day.

40 years of experience, Chicago Backflow . family-owned business .greater Chicago metropolitan area, but also Northwest Indiana and to the borders of Iowa and Wisconsin.

Three generations of CBI Doug, Vito, and Mike Eisenhauer.

CBI backflow testing companies customer service

Chicago Backflow’s top notch customer service team.

Another benefit of working with CBI is our amazing customer service. When you reach out to us, you get to speak with one of our team members directly. Supporting each of our backflow inspectors is a full office staff of the most experienced group in the industry. We believe in interacting and resolving any problems that come up without running you through automated menus or outsourced representatives. The philosophy of maintaining the relationships with our clientele and providing a collection of talented individuals pulling together to harmonize in protecting our drinking water, has not changed, even as technology has advanced. We are dedicated to achieving optimal results by providing only the best support and inspectors for our services which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Holding to these standards, our attention to detail, and working to protect our water resources over the years, has allowed us to build the trust needed to grow our business into the premier backflow testing company in the country.

We offer more than the rest, for less

In keeping with this philosophy of offering cutting edge opportunities to help guide their customers, CBI is the only backflow testing company to offer an “all-inclusive” service package. The all-inclusive program allows for peace of mind when it comes to ensuring your backflow is kept in top working condition. It includes the annual testing and certification of the backflow device, as well as internal parts and repairs as needed for no additional cost. In addition, the backflow valve is covered for the next 12 months if any emergency return trips are needed. This helps alleviate any unexpected bills for repairs or even return service calls, allowing for onsite repair to be included at the time of evaluation with no extra cost incurred.

CBI Backflow testing inspector in front of CBI truck

Pete Rodriguez standing next to a CBI van.

Backflow testing company employees Chicago

Backflow Industry Trailblazers

When the Safe Drinking Water Act was federally mandated (1974), the need for testing backflow preventers became more prevalent. Mandated annual testing became a vital part of the initiative. Mike Eisenhauer, current owner of CBI, was one of the first to adapt and dedicate his business to this expanding field. He was committed to applying his plumbing knowledge to train the best backflow team available, so they could provide the top tier field work and customer service. The initial committee for safe water and backflow prevention was formed in 1985 and comprised a team of five people. Being a part of that committee helped build the foundation for the small family-owned plumbing business that was Eisenhauer Plumbing to evolve into what Chicago Backflow is today.