Here at Chicago Backflow, we are dedicated to achieving optimal results for you by providing only the best customer support and licensed inspectors for our backflow testing, installation, repair, and emergency services, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To learn more about why our Customer Service team is the best in the industry, keep reading! Hear from our Customer Service Manager, Jessica Radtke, as she details why our customer service has allowed us to build the trust needed to grow our business into the premier backflow testing company in the country! 

At CBI, there are no questions that are too big or too small for our trained team of backflow customer service experts. We are always getting a wide range of questions starting with “what is backflow?”, all the way to the most complex and precise questions about individual devices. We take the time to explain who we are, what we do, and what we will do to ensure compliance. We value the customer’s time above all else, which is why we always conduct conversations with a great attitude, professionalism, and attentiveness, knowing that we are helping our customers and the safety of the individuals who rely on backflow prevention for the safety of their potable water (AKA drinking water).  

When a Chicago Backflow client inquires with our Customer Service team, this is the first interaction the customer will have with CBI. “Our team will always be respectful and kind to the person on the phone. We make certain the customer is satisfied before hanging up the phone.”, Jessica tells us. CBI’s Customer Service Team uses the “4 P’s” for operating: promptness, politeness, professionalism, and personalization. 

We asked Jessica what brings about the most pride when thinking about her team. She told us, “My team is made up of some of the best people I know. We are not only co-workers, but we are also a family. We all have respect for each other and work hard together to make sure each day goes off without any issues.” This is a unique aspect of what makes CBI so successful…we like each other! Not many organizations can say they would choose to spend time with their coworkers off the clock, but at CBI we have fostered a culture that feels more like a family which translates into better results for our clients in the office and field. 

Our commitment to having the best customer service in the industry is not something we take lightly. When hiring a new customer service representative to join our team, we look for someone who has clear communication, a friendly attitude, empathy, problem- solving and strong time management skills. We pride ourselves on our customer service and want to ensure that we always hold our team to high standards for the sake of our amazing clients.  

We wrapped 2022 up with: 15,111 answered calls! We asked Jessica what she is most looking forward to in 2023. She said, “I want to move our team to better technology to help improve our customer service abilities. We are working on our internal CRM and record keeping system, and I believe we will accomplish that this year.” At CBI, we are always looking for new and cutting-edge resources and technologies to improve our services for our clients.  

Thank you to our amazing Customer Service team for all your hard work and dedication to CBI over the last 30 years!