Backflow Has Been Happening For A Long Time!

Chicago 1933

Forty million people visited Chicago that year for the World Fair. It was an exciting time focused on looking forward to the future and how far we as a people have come in the past hundred years. The city planners however were more focused on rapid growth than a safe water supply. The forgotten water system and forty million excess visitors proved to be too much for two hotels who’s water systems got cross contaminated with dysentery from the sewer system. Thousands of people got sick and ninety eight died from what should have been a preventable occurrence.

This turned out to be one of the deadliest backflow events in history. The pain endured in this incident was not in vain though as shortly after this and a few other major events there was a national guideline set in place advising states and towns on how to properly maintain a water system. These are only guidelines though and some places are better than others at enforcing actual public safety laws regarding backflow preventers. While some places don’t require anything, most cities mandate backflow tests at least biannually. This hasn’t stopped backflow events completely though, the dangers are always possible under the right circumstances!

Backflow Recently

Earlier this month in Mascoutah City, IL there was quite an uproar at this month’s city council meeting. Homeowners including the former mayor and assistant fire chief had thousands of gallons of sewage enter their home through potable water pipes. It was due to the torrential rains that had fallen over the last few days dropping at least 8 inches of water on the town. Water pressure around the pipes can start effecting the cities water system if they are old and cracked/leaking. It is revealed that while the newer part of the town has an up to date sewer system, the older part still uses clay pipes which can leak at connection points and crack easily. Since there is no national mandate requiring backflow preventers, backflow events can still happen today.

Here at CBI we care about the health and safety of the hard working people of America. We have been helping to write the rules and regulations on backflows since the turn of the century and are proud of our experience. We want every town to have some sort of water protection program in place and can help you with yours. Help us keep your business, municipality, city, or anything else that uses water safe and learn what we can do for you! Give us a call or click below to schedule a test or learn more about what we do!