A large rock the size of our testers hand found itself wedged into a valve.

You’ll Never guess what crazy things wind up in backflow preventers! One of our testers Vito was nice enough to share some of the things he’s found in the devices when he was performing routine backflow tests, or was called out for an emergency fix!

Sometimes it’s small debris like a woodchip or pebbles can find their way into a backflow device and it’s system of valves. These need to come out for sure.

The thing blocking your device from functioning properly could be a large chunk of metal, or it could just need a good cleaning.

When it comes to fixing backflow devices, we’ve seen it all, from tinfoil balls, to golf balls.

We’ve even found donuts inside of the pipes before. It makes you wonder how it happens, and what more crazy things we will find in the years to come!