Bloomington Backflow Testing

Bloomington Backflow Testing

Bloomington residents should understand a little bit about backflow testing to remain knowledgeable on how to keep your drinking water safe. Chicago Backflow Inc. is a great partner if you want to make sure your water is clean, safe, and chemical free, and you want to do it easily and efficiently! Whether you have one device or multiple, or need to figure out, we have a team of plumbers specially trained in backflow testing and servicing. With 40+ years of experience servicing the Bloomington and greater Chicagoland area you can depend on us for backflow testing, repair, installation or maintenance of any kind! Give us a call today at 708.389.5600 to get started and take advantage of our new customer deal!

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Our inspectors are all professional, certified and are here to serve you. Our staff is available 24/7/365 to respond to emergencies or answer any questions you have. We offer a variety of services pertaining to backflow preventers including installation, maintenance, repair, as well as annual testing, to keep your water clean and your building up to code. If you are in Bloomington and need backflow assistance look no further, CBI has you covered. With our proven experience and our passion about the public water supply, you know your property will be in good hands.

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What Is Backflow Testing?

Bloomington backflow testing makes sure that cross-connection points along your water line aren’t going to fail and send contaminated water back into the potable water system. Backflow testing checks a system of valve and pressurized chambers to confirm that everything is working. Our water should only be flowing in one direction but if one of the pressurized areas or a valve or even a screw fails in your backflow device and an event happens where water pressure drops, water that is mixed with chemicals, human waste or a myriad of other things could flow into a pipe that leads to an outlet you use for drinking water. During a test one of our professionals uses a pressure sensor to test each chamber then will open up the device to make sure everything moves properly and is clear of debris. If applicable, Bloomington residents most likely need to have their backflow devices tested once a year by a licensed tester to ensure they are working properly. If you need help determining specifics regarding your device and how often you might need to test feel free to call us!

What Is A Cross Connection?

Cross connections are potential or accidental connections between drinking water and a source of contaminants. This usually takes place when things like garden hoses or fire protection equipment get submerged in a chemical or something similar. If there is a backflow event / drop in pressure when this is happening the non-potable liquids or gasses will be sucked up to the water supply and subsequently supplied to people down the water line. Bloomington states that all businesses and facilities with potential cross connections must have their backflow prevention devices tested regularly. In most cases it is on an annual basis. Backflow testing can only be performed by a certified tester and they will upload the results to the village or local government. Failure to comply could not only result in fines, but serious health consequences for you, employees, customers, tenants and anyone else that could come in contact with contaminated water.

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Where Are Backflow Preventers Installed?

Backflow preventers are installed on the main potable water line. The backflow preventer is a valve that closes automatically whenever there is a change in pressure. Once the valve is closed, water cannot continue to flow oppositely. Instead, it is diverted, preventing cross-contamination. Bloomington has hundreds of businesses and residents with backflow preventers, each possessing one or multiple backflow preventers that need testing!

How Can Private Residences Prevent Backflows? 

Frequently, backflow is the result of uncontrollable forces. Cross-connections can occur when there is a connection between the potable (drinking) water system and a non-potable water source. This can happen when you submerge a hose in soapy water buckets, pet watering containers, pools, tubs, sinks, drains or any other container of liquid that does or could have contained chemicals. If a drop in water pressure occurs the contents that the end of the hose is in will be sucked up into the Village’s water supply. If you do have a backflow preventer at your property, contact CBI to schedule your annual test.

Are Backflow Prevention Devices Necessary?

In most places, backflow preventers are not required for individual residential properties. The backflow device would be located further down the water main and be for the entire neighborhood or apartment complex. However, Bloomington may mandate you to install a device and maintain annual backflow testing if your home has an irrigation system. Most towns in the United States mandate backflow preventer installations and annual testing for commercial and industrial plumbing systems. If you are a business owner you should have to be keeping up to code with your local laws. Want to learn more about backflow or what services we could help you with? Visit our Learn More page.