Are you and your family planning a trip this summer? There is nothing worse than coming home from a trip only to find a plumbing disaster.  Check out these tips to ensure that the plumbing on your property is safe and protected while you’re gone. 

Check the plumbing code in the area you live in.  

Each state usually has their own code of standards in which they require plumbing work to be done. The State of Illinois Plumbing Code  can be a good resource to use if you are an Illinois resident before you leave town or if you have any plumbing projects coming up. If you are a resident of another state or providence it is best to refer to that place’s individual code to make sure you are making informed decisions based on the standards set in your area.  

Clear your gutters  

Gutters help protect the foundation of your home from water damage. If you are leaving town, especially for a long period of time, make sure that you clear your gutters before you leave so that they aren’t clogged and can fully do their job in protecting your home from potential flooding and water damage. It can be a nuisance to clean the gutters before leaving for a trip but it is much better than coming home to a flooded home.  

Catch your water pressure   

Just like with the tires on your car, there are guidelines for what the water pressure in your home should be too. The recommended range for your household water pressure is 40-60 psi. Anything above 80 psi could potentially be in violation of the housing code in your area. 

Check sprinkler systems  

If you live in a home that has a sprinkler system, it is a good idea to clean and inspect the sprinklers at the beginning of the season. If your sprinkler system has a backflow preventer, ensure you have it tested annually! If you have not done that, yet it might be helpful to before you leave for vacation. If your sprinkler heads are broken or damaged, you should replace them before using them.  

Check condensation on pipes 

It isn’t abnormal to have to have some condensation on your pipes, however, if there is constant condensation on your pipes it can be a sign that there could be a leak somewhere. If you see constant condensation forming on your pipes, call a professional to assess the situation to ensure that there is not a plumbing disaster in your future.  

Check for leaks  

As the weather is heating up and you are preparing for your summer vacation, check your plumbing for leaks that could have formed over the cold winter months. Leaks can hide anywhere, so remember to check the smaller nooks and crannies to find any place that could be a sign that you have a plumbing leak. If there is a leak it is better to know before you leave so there is time to get it fixed before you head out of town. If you notice your backflow preventer leaking, call CBI for service 

 For peace of mind, let the professionals take care of it! We work to protect water resources every day through backflow testing, repair, installation and emergencies. CBI’s attention to detail, commitment to professionalism, industry-leading expertise and dedication to providing our customers with exceptional service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…sets us apart from the average backflow testing company. Give us a call at 708-389-5600.