Here at Chicago Backflow, we offer a variety of services and programs to keep your backflow preventer in top working condition. Keeping up with yearly backflow tests, repairs, installations, and all the additional maintenance that comes with owning a device can be overwhelming, but not with CBI!  

We offer a full package backflow testing service at a low cost. CBI’s All-Inclusive Backflow Service includes the annual testing and certification of each backflow device, as well as parts and repairs right on the spot. In addition, for any/all, return trips needed to maintain the full functionality of the valve until the next annual certification is due. Taking advantage of this ongoing 365-day program will ensure that you are protecting your drinking water, as well as staying compliant with Chicago and Illinois authorities. Take a look at an overview of the services we offer to best serve you. 

A certified backflow tester repairing a large backflow device


You can count on Chicago Backflow to complete your backflow testing in compliance with local and state laws. CBI is a fully licensed plumbing contractor. We certify backflow prevention assemblies ranging in sizes from ¼ inch through 12 inch. CBI sends out automated e-mailed reminders to you, giving plenty of notice when you are due for annual testing, so that you don’t forget to set up your appointment. After your testing is complete, you can trust that we will promptly submit your test results to your water purveyor. 


At times, backflow prevention assemblies need cleaning, new rubber parts, or to be completely rebuilt! CBI will accommodate your needs throughout the year when you choose our All-Inclusive pricing package. This includes complimentary repairs and cleanings as needed to ensure your devices are compliant when we leave your facility. 


When your water purveyor is mandating a backflow installation, CBI will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, install your devices to code. Permits are always included with your installation quote. Chicago Backflow ensures every job is completed correctly, from start to finish.  


Backflow emergencies happen, often times late at night. If this is to occur, simply call CBI for any and all backflow emergencies. We have backflow inspectors ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, you heard that right! 

We serve many different types of clients from cozy residential properties all the way to large commercial buildings. If you have a backflow device on your property, CBI can help you with any of your testing, repair, installation or emergency needs. We have a team ready 24/7/365 so you know that when you contract with CBI you are in good hands, no matter the time of day or year.  

Click below to schedule a test or head to our Services page, to learn more about each service option and read client testimonials to see why we have been the most trusted and reliable in the backflow prevention business for the past 30 years.