CBI staff member

Meet Barb Jonas, Chicago Backflow’s Director of Operations. Barb has been with CBI for 27 years. Barb was first employed by Don Smith, co-founder of Chicago Backflow, at his fire protection company, where she worked part-time. Follow along as Barb walks us through her time with Chicago Backflow and what she wants everyone to know about the company. 

 In the beginning, Mike was the first and only inspector for CBI. For a company of that size, CBI got the work done extremely efficiently. Barb refers to CBI as a “well-oiled machine.” The most challenging part at the very start, according to Barb, was the constant worry about whether the company would grow and expand, considering it was only the three of them. She always had two questions in the back of her mind- “Is this even going to work?” and “Will I have to start searching for another job again?” Despite the fear that comes with starting a new business, the team persevered and we have them to thank for the success that CBI is today.   

Since Barb has been a part of the CBI family for 27 years, she has many memories from over the years. When asked about her favorite, Barb said it is simply impossible to choose just one. Her memories of the simple beginnings of CBI stand out but, if she had to choose, she would pick all the company parties, and work with customers when they finally realize what backflow is!  

 “CBI is a great company to work for, the best.” Barb said.  Wise words from Barb for all current employees, “Always do your job and be so courteous. Customer service is the main thing in any company. CBI has excelled because of our incredible customer service. Be kind!” 

 Barb will be transitioning into retirement in the year 2023, although we will miss her beyond words, we are thrilled for this new chapter in her life after her dedication to CBI. She is most looking forward to not waking up to an alarm, getting up when she wants and going to bed when she wants! Barb will be moving to either Florida or Georgia to be closer to her children. She is planning on “just winging” retirement! She describes it as a truly a full circle moment.  

Thank you so much for all your hard work over the last 30 years, Barb!